Design, simply elegant.

The E*TRADE Design Language is a design system that provides a seamless experience from end to end.

August 9th release (2019.8.9)
Bitbucket Styles Text Input with error left border doesn't animate on focus
Bitbucket Styles Centered anchor tags with .btn.btn-link classes vertically
Bitbucket Styles Added an automatically sized flex column variant
Bitbucket Styles Improved right-to-left support for definition lists, radios, checkboxes, inline and piped lists, push/pull columns, and focused text fields
July 26th (2019.7.26)
Spinners Added the spinner overlay component to the Spinner page
Typography Added usage rule for the helper class .text-truncate
Colors Updated the sass variable name for $background-accent-color-1
Text fields Fixed the social security text fields example
Bitbucket Styles letter spacing on .btn is now 0
Bitbucket Styles We added class name of .prototype and .prototype-retroactive to test font stack unification
Bitbucket Styles We update our EditorConfig file to align better with our lint rules
Bitbucket Styles Updated our repo to node 10.13 to better align with other projects
Bitbucket Styles Made improvements to our automated publishing workflow