Design, simply elegant.

The E*TRADE Design Language is a design system that provides a seamless experience from end to end.

July 12th release (2019.7.12)
Table with total row We added a example of a table with a total row on
Footer Refactored some presentational css in the footer-page.scss
Stacked tables javascript snippet On the stacked table example, we removed the the jQuery javascript example and replace with a vanilla javacript example
Spacing We refactored the Breakpoint specific spacing class examples, and eliminated some extra space
Bitbucket Styles We improved the accessibility on the Auto-suggest menu
Bitbucket Styles We now have a Skeleton loading class
Bitbucket Styles We refactored the _scaffolding.scss
Bitbucket Styles We removed the border on table responsive for extra small screen sizes
Bitbucket Styles We updated the Datepicker error state styles to align better to the Design Language
Bitbucket Styles We remove font color from the universal-message text. This will allow the text to inherit the color
Bitbucket Styles We fixed a bug in Safari where the focus ring on icons was being cutoff
Bitbucket Styles We refactored the css on the column centered flexbox component
Bitbucket Styles We fix a bug where nav-tabs-center were not centered
June 27th (2019.6.27)
Bitbucket Styles Added Git hook that runs sasslint, and only commits if sasslint passes
Bitbucket Styles Updated the Social Media Footer Icons to be more accessible
Bitbucket Styles The column centered mixin now uses flexbox
Bitbucket Styles Updated datepicker styles to better align with latest Design Language updates.
All Updated node/npm to better align with other projects
All Update hotlink protect
Flyouts In IE11 we fixed the flyout hover and click events
All Added Design Language React to
React React Added interactive props to the React card component
Flyout React Added the contentCls prop to the React flyout component
Spinner React Created a new spinner overlay component
Tables React Added accessibility to the TableSort component
All React Polyfill needed for IE11
Bitbucket React Charts Initial D3 Line Chart