Design, simply elegant.

The E*TRADE Design Language is a design system that provides a seamless experience from end to end.

August 23rd release (2019.8.23)
Bitbucket Styles Added skeleton loading styles for paragraphs of text
Bitbucket Styles Improved Datepicker accessibility by adding focus rings to interactive elements in chart
Bitbucket Styles Removed of "Not Allowed" cursor
Bitbucket Styles Ensured that tooltips display with correct font
Bitbucket Styles Visual overhaul of tag component
Bitbucket Styles Addition of styles to visually replicate our inline list in places where a semantic list is inappropriate
Bitbucket Styles Slight visual update to dropdown buttons slightly rounding bottom corners of menu
Bitbucket Styles Improved right-to-left language support for Universal messages
Bitbucket Styles Added a red outlined error state to radios and checkboxes
Bitbucket Styles Added illustrative icons for checkmark, cheque deposit, checquebook, stop payment, screen share, and message center
Bitbucket Styles Removed explicitly set color for sortable table headers, instead allowing them in inherit a font color
Bitbucket Styles Set height of non-segmented progress bar to match height of segmented progress bar
Bitbucket Styles Gave medium gray color its own variable seperate from the border color variable so that one may be updated without affecting the other
Flyouts Added a type="button" attribute to flyout examples and snippets to help prevent accidental form submissions
Iconography Added new illustrative icons to documentation
Button Added an onFocus prop to the button component
Table Added an hAlign prop to the TableSort component
Datepicker Added an error prop to datepicker
Datepicker Added an aria-hidden="true" to icons in datepicker
August 15th release (2019.8.15)
PageFooter Update misspelling of "guarantee" in PageFooter component
Button Updated button on click handler to allow parameters and event itself to be passed to on click functions