Design, simply elegant.

The E*TRADE Design Language is a design system that provides a seamless experience from end to end.

October release (2019.10.18)
Bitbucket design-language repo Added Credit Card icon to illustrative iconography.
Bitbucket design-language repo Added styles for Chat button/Help (pill) button.
Formatting Added chat button guidance.
All Updated shared component for code snippets.
All Updated shared component for sections and page header.
All Updated shared component for IFrame.
Bitbucket design-language-react repo Refactored tabs component, including adding sub-menu.
Bitbucket design-language-react repo Added Design Language, (including fonts and bootstrap) to Project Scaffold.
October release (2019.10.4)
All Created a shared react iframe component for the responsive toggle.
All Created a shared react code snippet component for the code snippets examples.
All Update eslint on to match E*TRADE's react linting standards.
Footer Update missing content on the footer page.
Bitbucket design-language repo Cleaned up the design-language repo and removed the unused Jumpshare script.
Bitbucket design-language repo Bug fix in IE 11, where the universal message was mis-aligned.
Bitbucket design-language-react repo Add a target prop to button component.
Bitbucket design-language-react repo Refactor Tag component to match updated markup and styles.