Universal messages

Universal messages are for page-wide information or errors. Take a look at our errors page for more specific errors information.

Messages are formatted to have a headline and an optional subhead section. If the subhead section isn't specified in a paragraph tag (<p>), the entire message will appear in the headline. (See code examples below.)

This is the current style for all error messages. What previously were warning (yellow) errors, are now grouped into this style.

This is for messages that aren't errors or emergencies, for general information for which the user should take note, like days that the market will be closed or non-essential actions that they should take.

This is for a successful completion of a transaction or form. This message should not have a subhead or exceed one sentence.

Both the error and informational message have a dismissible variation. The success message should never be dismissible.

You can also add a CTA on the right side of the message to explictly call out an action that needs to be taken by the user.


A transparent variation of the universal message. This can be used for times when the message needs to be more subtle and non-obtrusive.